Hair is said to be an important feature of the body. It enhances the appearance of the person. The health of the person can be defined by the color and texture of the hair. Most of the people give importance to their hair for having good looks. Some people consider hair to be the symbol of status.

Hair care treatment:

Taking proper care of hair is important for maintaining its texture and for proper healthy growth. There are various hair treatment methods available and are used to cure certain hair conditions. There are various products in the market which help to provide nourishment to the hair and also remove the flaws in the hair. Some of the best best hair treatment products are given in detail below.

The Edward Beale salon series has a full range of salon products for different types of hair which help in the treatment of various hair problems.

a) Hydra Lock: For Normal / Lack Lustre Hair

The main ingredients include Argan Oil which helps to boost the hydration levels of hair and seals in moisture. It also contains Horsetail Extract which has healing and calming properties. It also helps in strengthening hair for a healthier glow. This product helps to repair the hair and to revive and enhance hair for a glossier, shinier look..


Various Hydra-Lock products include:


For All Hair Types: Argon Oil Treatment, Leave In Moisturizing Conditioner, Deep Hydrating Mask

For Brunettes / Colored Hair: Moisturizing Color Vitality Conditioner, Moisturizing Color Vitality Shampoo


For Blondes / Highlight / Greys: Violet Toning Conditioner, Violet Toning Shampoo

b) Smooth Control: For Dry / Frizz Prone Hair

It contains Hydrolyzed Silk and Pro Vitamin B5 which provides long lasting moisture and conditioning to the hair that results in the reduction in damage due to split ends. It helps to transform the uncouthly, dry, frizz-prone hair to soft, silky, lustrous, and manageable hair.


Various Smooth Control products include:

For All Hair Types: Anti-Frizz Serum, Frizz Smoothing Mask

For Brunettes / Coloured Hair: Smoothing, Colour Vitality Conditioner, Smoothing Colour Vitality Shampoo


For Blondes / Highlights / Greys: Smoothing Violet Toning Conditioner, Smoothing Violet Toning Shampoo

Intense Repair: For Damaged /Weak Brittle Hair.

The main component is the Coconut Oil and fortifying Keratin which provides deep conditioning to the hair. It is used in the treatment of damaged hair due to over-processed, heat damaged, naturally brittle and prone to breakage, etc.


Various Intense Repair products include:

For All Hair Types: Intensive Leave In Treatment

For Brunettes / Colored Hair: Repairing Color Vitality Conditioner, Repairing Colour Vitality Shampoo


For Blondes / Highlights / Greys: Repairing Violet Toning Conditioner, Repairing Violet Toning Shampoo.

Salon Styler: For Unfinished Hair

This product is used during hairstyling to prep and perfect the signature style. It includes Color Refreshing Toners which help to enrich the hair color, refreshing natural shades and correcting tones of color-treated hair between coloring.


Various Salon Styler products include:


For All Hair Types: Sculpting Paste, Mirror Finish Gloss, Argon Dry Styling Oil, Sea Salt Spray, Blow Dry Balm, Curl Defining Cream,

For Red Hair: Color Refreshing Red Toner,

For Brunette / Colored Hair: Color Refreshing Chocolate Toner,

For Blonde / Highlighted / Grey: Color Refreshing Violet Toner.

Conclusion: It is necessary to get your hair treated from time to time as it will only help you to keep them in proper condition. Well prepared hair care products can only give you proper treatment and hence always hair products from well known brands like Edwardbeale are recommended.